How did I like the Black Panther movie??? I LOVED IT!
First of all let me be the smug Zimbabwean that points out that in Chadwick Boseman´s own words: ¨Wakanda is a fictional version of the Mutapa empire of the 15th century Zimbabwe¨ Basically, in very few words, he stated that I am, in real life, a descendant of T´Challa; but you may all refer to him as Black Panther. (My dating cred literally just shot up about 200 points).

As a young black mother, a part of me is slightly envious my son can grow up loving a super hero that is not only dope, strong, wise and ridiculously attractive; but his whole supporting act is made up of strong melanated individuals each holding their own in their individual roles. I feel anyone looking to find fault in this movie should be put in a space ship with all other ALL LIVES MATTER individuals and be sent to Wakanda for training. That is all I have for you. GO GET YOUR LIFE.. respectfully of course.


As an Aquarius, I am a natural humanitarian.
However, growing into myself, I have fallen in love with everything that qualifies me as a minority. There is no coincidence that my issues with identity and self love began when I moved to the United States at the age of 19. Watching the women of Black Panther kick ass in that movie gave me both feelings of pride and nostalgia. Not nostalgia because in Zimbabwe we were raised as these immensely strong warrior women, but because I am a strong believer that being connected to your roots gives you super powers that transcend beyond bending iron and flying out of planes. My best friend and I remind each other, probably hourly, to KNOW YOUR WORTH.  Once you know your worth, you bypass so many bad decisions that usually create complicated side effects! I loved how the women weren´t backdrop characters and front and center. YASSS ladies to letting go of perfection by taking of wigs and shoes and handling your business!!!


I have a running theory that most debut marvel character movies are usually the least exciting because they have to provide information and back story. It´s a Tenda fact that they bring heat with the sequels. Black Panther gave me feels from the first second of the movie. Kendrick Lamar had already created so much hype in my spirit because I had spent countless days and nights trying to figure out how the movie would go based on the album. My conclusion, which was right of course, was Black Panther and his squad were going to F’ ISH UP!!!


Sooooo anyway in conclusion:

Shout out to every part of the BLACK PANTHER FRANCHISE!!! I have never walked out of a movie where every character either became a #WCW or a #MCM – Thank you Ryan Coogler for putting all these beautiful humans in this superhero movie made for us by us. Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) and Michael B Jordan (N´Jadaka) were already members of my love squad but my goodness, where has this man named Winston Duke (M´Baku) been hiding? Danai Gurira (Okoye) and Lupita Nyong´o (Nakia) I knew would be nothing short of amazing but how about Letitia Wright (Shuri) for completely snatching up the entire show from everyone!! The women in this movie are ridiculously gorgeous…


If you haven´t made the trip to go watch it… stop what you´re doing, go get your life and absorb yourself in all this Black Panther goodness. You´ll thank me later.







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