Coconut Oil For My Soul

¨She is at a place in her life where peace is her priority and negativity cannot exist.¨ – unknown

Let my vibe be the coconut oil for my own soul.
Be so authentic that no damage can withstand the essential goodness of it´s natural high; or fight the authenticity of the benefits received from a single encounter with it.
Vibrations so strong – negative emotions are moisturized so thoroughly that they seep through my vessel like fairy dust on a magical day.

I want my vibe to smooth the callouses created by walking haphazardly into battles and untamed circumstances – on travels I was never meant to take.
Journeys formed by the stubbornness of my nature;
and failure to be patient enough to wait for the storm to pass in order to see which path would offer the least resistance.

Frequencies of vibrations so high,
my vibe fights the resentment that each life decision has consequently stained on my psyche.
A vibe so adequate that it conditions my reactions to misfortunes with a type of gentleness that whispers calmness to the harshest life flairs – the type that if mishandled would leave pigmentation and bruises that disfigure any prior beauty experienced.

A vibe so mature it recognizes that battles will come and go,
Without allowing the severity of the fight
to dimmer the glow that my spirit naturally exudes.
A vibe so fearless that it faces fear and harnesses her unwavering power
to defy the scary narrative that causes paralyzing immobility.

Energize my high and synergize my tribe.
Combat the negativity and plant sustainable intuition.
Cover me with goodness –
and awaken my warrior nature, while letting my legacy beautifully unfold.

¨In religion we call it spirits. In science we call it energy. In the streets we call it vibes. All I´m saying is … trust it¨” – unknown

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