Just No…

Today I was halfway through composing a well thought out apology text message as to why I could not make it to a brunch, then it dawned on me – Why in the world am I a 30 year old still trying to figure out a nice way to apologize for why I will not be getting out of my sweats and attending the brunch that we planned a week ago. That´s just childish behavior on my part. So in my new found ´say no to the quest´  attitude .. I made a  list.

Here are the things that I will no longer awkwardly apologize for:
  1. Declining an invitation – Please understand that I don´t not like you; I just don´t like getting dressed to go somewhere where I have to pretend to want to be. 
  2. Cancelling plans – as my friend, this will happen often.
  3. Not knowing what I want to eat – Listen, I hate chewing… what I invest my chews on is a very important decision. 
  4. My social media presence – I might go days without posting, or have a day where I flood you with content. Like it or scroll past, I´m not sorry. 
  5. Being aloof – It´s just in my DNA. It doesn´t make me a horrible person, I just can´t pretend to care about things I don´t care about. 
  6. Asking questions – I need to understand, so answer me. 
  7. Being smart – I just wont.
  8. My changing mood – see above.
  9. My accent – HOW IS IT MY PROBLEM YOU CAN NOT UNDERSTAND ME. I am speaking English….LISTEN!
  10. My opinion  – See #6 and #7
  11. Being sassy – I mean….
  12. Not having my dating life together – Mind your business
  13. Not texting back
  14. Being sarcastic
  15. Being short – Just help me reach the item I need help with. Thank you. 

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