My Top 2017 Albums Thus Far!!!

We are halfway through 2017, and a lot of music has come out since January. Granted I have had a lot of strong emotions the first half of the year because quite frankly it´s been an emotional first 6 months of the year. I have been listening to a lot of old albums but for 2017 content I figured I would share the albums that I currently have in heavy rotation.  I read this quote that I think was written by me in another life, ¨my taste in music ranges from ¨you need to listen to this¨ to ¨I know, please don´t judge me.¨

So in no particular order:

1. Khalid – ¨American Teen¨ 

I get it, I´m post break up but honestly this album gives all kinds of feels. If you have not listened to it, then you are missing out on a really well crafted body of work. 
Faves: Therapy, Coaster, Location, Keep Me, Hopeless

2. Wale – ¨Shine¨

I broke up with friends because they weren´t gloriously announcing themselves as #TeamWale. Shine is one of those albums, the more you listen, the more you fall in love, and I still hold true to my sentiment that Wale is one of the most underrated lyricists of his time. Plus, I love the fact that in this album he embraces the Africa in him. DO YOU WALE!!!
Faves: My Love, Heaven on Earth, Colombia Heights, Fine Girl, Smile, DNA – urgh… just listen to the whole album. 

3. Migos – ¨Culture¨

Do I actually need words?? I really think if iTunes were to build my perfect man based on my frequently played playlist, he would be a Quavo infused Drake looking Tank type of dude – emotionally gangsta AF! This album goes where I go. It grounds me from all my deepness!

4. Drake – ¨More Life¨

Stop hating and get MORE LIFE!!! I am 100% always #TeamDrake so even though this wasn´t my favorite, he has this uncanny way of trapping you in his weirdness. So if you´re riding with me to the beach and you don´t like Drake, bring your earphones 🙂
Faves: Passionfruit, Blem, Portland, Ice Melts, Free Smoke, Fake Love

5. Moana Soundtrack 

Real life.. I might love this soundtrack more than my son does. That ¨I am Moana¨ song always has me in my feels. When grandmother Tala sings:

¨The people you love will change you. 
The things you have learned will guide you 
And nothing on Earth can silence
The quiet voice still inside you
And when that voice starts to whisper, 
*FAINTS!!! She literally gives me life and then Moana takes over all strong and in her own…. #YASSS

6. Kehlani – SweetSexySavage

I really tried to dislike her because of all the nonsense with Kyrie Irving (*wipes drool), but her debut album was everything and I can not deny her talent. Her voice is brilliant for her struggles! I may not claim her publicly because I still have feeling over the Kyrie issues, but I definitely am a closet fan. 
Faves: Do U Dirty, Too Much, Advice

7. Kendrick Lamar – DAMN.

This man is so deep he makes me question…EVERYTHING. The way that album gives you feels each and everytime you listen to it is a testament of his talent. I don´t think I´ve even reached my full appreciation for that album. I usually play Migos after listening to Kendrick, you know… that balance. 
What are you listening to?
Share your favorite 2017 albums with me, so I can possibly add to my album rotation!!! 

One comment

  1. Hey lady! Your blog is so awesome 🙂

    Currently, I am LOVING 'Strength of a Woman' by MJB. It is def giving me vibes from her 'Breakthrough' days (that album brought me through a lot). I am also digging Wale, 6lack and Gallant. Loving their vibes.



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